Plantline Nurseries is a new beginning in quality plant stock for the landscape and wholesale industry.

At Plantline Nurseries we pride ourselves in producing stock of the highest quality. Our aim is to cater for a diverse and rapidly changing market. So whether your project is a single dwelling or acres of parklands, we are here investing time, effort and expertise to make sure you receive the finest products in usable quantities year round.

Here at Plantline Nurseries we have a very simple philosophy.

To create the best, you have to begin with the best.

Our long tern goal is to grow with our customers and provide the very best products and services to the nursery and landscape industry. We understand that our customers need quality stock and also that every project has a budget. That's why we are continually developing production techniques and challenging traditional methods. This way you can rest assured that you will always receive the best products at an best price.